Teachers Homemade Gift Ideas Cookie Pocket "Teachers Rule"


Teacher Homemade Gift Ideas Cookie Pocket "Teachers Rule"

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Teachers homemade gift ideas cookie pocket "Teachers Rule" downloads.

Surprise your teacher with this delicious and delightful cookie treat. Deliver them to your favorite teachers. This homemade gifts "Teachers Rule" downloadable packet includes instructions, pictures and printable cookie pockets. Download, print and party.  


This packet is part of our collection cookie pockets.  I love this making up this gift idea because they are unique, clever and are a great to package your cookies.  You can make homemade cookies, be sure to let the cookies cool, then wrap your cookies in clear plastic wrap before inserting into the cookie pocket.  The plastic wrap is a good protection for your cookie pocket.  If you don't pre-wrap the cookies then the cookies will leave grease spots on your cookie pocket.  Does not make your gift look attractive or very pretty.  You can also buy cookies in at your local bakery and wrap them up.  Your teacher won't know that they weren't made by love by you.  If you have a rule at your school that you can't give homemade gifts then you can purchase the pre-wrapped cookies.  There are two options of this cookie pocket.  You can either use the girl option or the boy option.  The pocket is designed with blue stripes and a green base.  There is a school bus imge on the front and the words say, "Cookies may be cool,  but teacher you rule!"  Give your favorite teacher a basket full of these tasty treats.

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