Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas "Dad Is The Best"


Father's Day Homemade Gift Ideas "Dad Is The Best"

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Father's Day homemade gift ideas "Dad Is The Best" download.

A Pringles Can in disguise.  This is a really simple idea that I got from a good friend.  Wrap a Pringles can with the printable wrapper included in this packet, attach the printable gift tag and surprise your dad by putting it on his desk.  Option:  Dad might not like Pringles, so why not empty the can of Pringles and make his favorite cookies or treats and place them in the can. Dad won't even know that it was originally a Pringles can.  Note:  Be sure to use the original flavor only.  Spiced Pringles don't mix very well with cookies or treats.   A very inexpensive and fun little gift to give.  This Father's Day homemaade gift ideas "Dad Is The Best" packet includes printable images, instructions and pictures.  Download, print and Happy Father's Day.  


My friend came up with the idea to make cookies and put them in mailing tubes.  The tubes are pretty pricy and if you buy them on line you have to wait for them to be delivered. However, I loved that idea and tried to think of an alternative.  I went to the grocery store and spied Pringle cans.  I had found the perfect solution.  I was so excited.  The perfect size is the smaller can.  If you use the larger can you will have to wrap a 12"x12" scrapbook paper over the can first and then wrap the inclosed image in this packet.  Still pretty cute and still a great Father's Day homemade gift ideas present.  This image is a dad relaxing in a hamock, just what he should be doing for Father's Day.  The background paper is a blue and gold plaid on a light blue background.  The white tag in the center is trimed in a olive green and the base of the whole printable image is light blue.  Let your dad relax this Father's Day with a can of homemade cookies or candy in his favorite spot.  The best Father's Day homemade gift yet.

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