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halloween treat ideas, homemade pop tarts, halloween pop tarts

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Halloween printable party favors, printable party favors, Halloween ideas


Halloween ideas, Halloween treat ideas, Halloween party ideas


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Halloween treat ideas, Halloween gift ideas, Halloween fun ideas


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Halloween party ideas, Halloween ideas, halloween treat ideas



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Card Table Playhouses and More 


A pattern for card table playhouses

At Parties and Patterns, you can find quilt patterns, table runners, and card table playhouses.  Download and print your patterns and let the fun ideas grow!

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You can surprise your friends, family, teachers, or youth throughout the year by simply downloading these homemade gift ideas, printing them out, and putting smiles on everyone.Homemade gift ideas are great for people who want to show that they have put a lot into something but don’t necessarily have a lot of money to spend on an expensive gift.  Have you ever been tight on time and needed something quick and unique to put together to show someone that you are thinking about them? Most of our downloads are called party favors, but they can also make great homemade gift ideas. We have several simple ideas that are great for many occasions, including birthdays, “just because,” “thinking of you,” etc.  You know someone who loves Superman and want to drop a little something off to let them know that you’ve been thinking of them?  Give them a Superman candy bar! We have endless themes and ideas—all you have to do is think of what somebody enjoys (or something that they will find funny) and you have a printout ready for an instant, thoughtful homemade gift idea! It doesn't even need to be for a big occasion--who doesn't love a treat anytime, anywhere, anyhow?  From our Valentine section you could send a Hugs and Kisses treat to a loved one--it doesn't even need to be Valentine's day.  Be creative and use our free downloads to fit your personal needs.  Many of these homemade gift ideas have candy sayings attached to them which means that they come with a sweet treat that’s sure to be appreciated.  They’re small, so they can easily be slipped into a purse (surprising your wife, mother, girlfriend, or daughter), placed on a pillow (what a great way to say “sweet dreams”), placed on a desk (teachers love clever treats and notes!), on a computer (even dad needs a pick-up treat now and then)—you get the idea, you


can put them anywhere!Beginner Baby Quilt Patterns


These beginner quilt patterns are easy, which makes them great for any beginning quilter.  So, even if you have not quilted before, you can have confidence that with our instructions you will be able to put together these adorable quilts and they will put a smile on everyone's face! For more beginner baby quilt patterns just search our website and come back often!

Beginner baby quilt patterns are perfect for novice sewers—especially since motherhood seems to foster a strong desire in young women to develop their homemaking skills and learn important skills like sewing and quilting. When my family was young I started making themed kids and baby quilts.  Of course, we didn't have the internet way back then and I was not looking to share my patterns—I simply did them for fun and made these patterns for my own children.  In this new day and age when technology has completely exploded, the internet has changed all of that.  I absolutely love creating things, so when someone told me that I should share my ideas with others, I immediately knew that I had to get my ideas online where everyone could access them.  It's amazing to me that now, just a couple of years later, my ideas can be seen clear across the world.  Only a short while back I would have just been sharing my ideas with my own children and friends from the corner fabric store! I cannot even comprehend what technology has done… Since becoming mothers, my daughters are also quickly becoming fans of quilting, and they are finding out how rewarding it can be to create something for someone they love.  These beginner baby quilt patterns that my daughters created have brought a lot of joy—both to them and to the owners of their precious baby blankets.  I’ve added their contributions to my website to continue to spread the joy for sewing and for welcoming new babies into this world that we feel so strongly in our family.  



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